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SoftFuse Nice Tables 1.9

For Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Bring life and color into boring tables and reports. You will be noticed!

Does your boss put your reports far aside?
Does hardly anyone notice your price list on the site?
Does your product catalog look unprofessional and dull?

Before After
SoftFuse Nice Tables Before-After Image
Original Table Table made with SoftFuse Nice Tables

According to psychological researches, people memorize colored images and text about 40% more often than black and white ones. It has been known for quite long that green color helps to concentrate attention, blue color relaxes, black and brown colors produce depression. Try to remember what any table in your report looks like. Surely, it is a black and white table with a lot of figures - tedious, unattractive, dull...

Psychologists say that the right color scheme produces positive impression and helps to memorize text. While colors that are not appropriately picked result in negative emotions that can be projected on the contents of the text and on people who prepared it.

Want to increase the chance that your ideas are approved and your report is carefully studied?
Want customers to read your price list instead of closing a boring page at once?
Want your boss to be surprised at how smart your report look?

Start making beautiful tables with SoftFuse Nice Tables!

SoftFuse Nice Tables creates beautiful and professionally looking tables in a matter of few minutes. No html knowledge is required. Just select a color, import data in the table and save the result.

SoftFuse Nice Tables screenshot 1

Do not waste your precious time on studying html, selecting colors and creating tables - our program will do it for you! Just a couple of minutes and a professionally looking table is ready!

Save hundreds of dollars on professional designers - with SoftFuse Nice Tables, you will create a huge number of harmonious, eye-catching color schemes for your tables! Advanced users and designers can export colors to an image or html editor.

Create! ...with SoftFuse Nice Tables!

Prepare reports that will attract attention!
Make the catalogs of your products stylish, clear and pleasant to read!
Make html tables clearer and more attractive for site visitors!

SoftFuse Nice Tables Example 1 SoftFuse Nice Tables Example 2 SoftFuse Nice Tables Example 3
Example 1 Example 2 Example 3

SoftFuse Nice Tables 1.9 has many exciting features:

  • Built-in generator of eye-catching harmonious color schemes
  • Simple Excel-like spreadsheet editor
  • WYSIWYG HTML Table Preview with Copy/Print/Export options
  • HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.1 with CSS support
  • Import/Export tables as TXT/CSV or HTML files
  • Export tables as image files (BMP/PNG) new!
  • Import/Export color schemes as .act files (Adobe© Photoshop compatible)
  • Simple-to-use user interface
  • Comprehensive built-in help
  • ...and more!

Latest News

July 22, 2021 Version 1.9.7 has been released. What's new...

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