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SoftFuse Whois 3.5 - Desktop Whois Domain Utility

For Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

The most complete information about any domain, including its SEO metrics is right before your eyes!

SoftFuse Whois is a desktop domain lookup utility. In just a click, it does a lookup search for a domain and presents you with all available information, such as administrative, technical or billing contacts, domain location, hosting provider, creation and expiration date. It also shows Alexa™ Traffic Rank for the specified domain.

SoftFuse Whois 3.5 Screenshot

SoftFuse Whois supports all generic and country code top-level domains and constantly updates the list of supported gTLD/ccTLD/newTLD domains so you'll always get only up-to-date information.

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Why SoftFuse Whois?

  • All gTLD/ccTLD/newTLD Domains Support
    The program supports 1136+ generic and country code top-level domains which have official and public whois servers.
  • Security
    This domain lookup utility uses only official ICANN/IANA-accredited whois servers to check a domain name.
  • Privacy
    Some whois sites harvest requests and register queried domains that are not taken on the spot. With SoftFuse Whois, you can be sure nobody will steal that perfect domain name for your business or personal website from under you before you decide to grab it yourself.
  • Time Saver
    Checking a domain is fairly simple. Run SoftFuse Whois, enter a domain name you want to look up and hit "WHOIS". Few seconds and... Voila! The most complete information about the domain, including its SEO ratings is right before your eyes!
  • Additional Network Tools & SEO Plug-Ins
    Useful network tools and various SEO plug-ins extend the program's functionality. For example, Name2IP and IP2Name tools perform a domain-to-IP or IP-to-domain conversion. There is a metric which show Alexa™ Traffic Rank for the specified domain.

Key Features:

  • All 1136 generic (com, net, info...) and country code (.us tld,.uk tld,.de tld,.jp tld, etc.) top-level domains (gTLD/newTLD/ccTLD) support
  • 100+ of second-level ccTLD domains support
  • Keeping all your domains data in a single database file (whois history)
  • Whois servers auto-search
  • Whois settings editor
  • Additional whois parameters support
  • Alexa™ Traffic Rank indicator
  • Creation and expiration date indicators
  • Authenticated (username/password required) whois servers support
  • Proxy servers (HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5) support
  • Built-in network tools (MyIP, Name2IP, IP2Name, IP2Country, etc.)
  • Domain list import from txt-files
  • Whois information export
  • Easy to use

Latest News

July 16, 2021 Version 3.5.5 has been released. What's new...

Who is this program for?

SoftFuse Whois is a definite benefit for domainers, web masters, web developers, IT managers and anyone else who wants to check a new domain name safely or to find out who owns the website to avoid criminals.

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