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SoftFuse Photo Converter Screenshots

Process all your Camera RAW files in a batch with our image converting software!

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SoftFuse Photo Converter General Settings RAW Input Settings
General Settings Input Settings (RAW)
JPEG Output Settings PNG Output Settings
Output Settings (JPEG) Output Settings (PNG)
BMP Output Settings TIFF Output Settings
Output Settings (BMP) Output Settings (TIFF)
Image Transform Settings Color Adjustment Settings
Image Transform Color Adjustment
Text Watermark Settings Image Watermark Settings
Text Watermark Image Watermark
SoftFuse Photo Converter Advanced Settings  
Advanced Settings  

SoftFuse Photo Converter saves multiple RAW Camera image files to many popular graphic formats at the moment. This any photographer's must-have tool is packed with a rich set of useful options for additional image processing (image rotation, photo resizing, color correction, photo watermarking).

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